$5 RazziSharp Fashion Jewelry

Beautiful and trendy women’s fashion jewelry exclusively from RazziSharp for just $5!  We have 4 collections for the ladies: Necklace/Earring SETS, bracelets, rings, and earrings.

For men, we have 2 collections:  all-leather wristwear (bracelets) and neckwear (necklaces) - again, just $5 each.  We didn't forget the little ones, either.  We have 2 collections for the kiddos: adorable little bracelets and rings - for just $1 each!

Shop with confidence!  Even at this super affordable and unbelievable price, all jewelry is still nickel and lead-free, and designed by the company's founders here in the USA.

Choose from any or all of the 8 collections above, or to see literally THOUSANDS of designs - ALL of our available designs - CLICK HERE!